What a participant said about this retreat: 

"Looking back and reflecting upon this weekend it comes down to two things that I took with me:

Firstly, I felt relieved beyond measure that being single is not only ok but a valuable gift just as much as marriage is. Above all I do not need to be able to understand, explain or (even worse) justify why life turned out to be like that for me.

Secondly, it dawned on me that I want to be single – I want to be a wonderful attractive woman and be single. And nothing’s wrong with that – quite the opposite: it is possible!
Sharing stories and worries, laughter and tears in a very safe place played an essential part in this journey of discovering more deeply who I am and where God is right in the middle of it all.

Therefore this weekend marks a turning point for me: I enjoy my life as a single at a deeper level than before because I can hold on to the beauty of it without denying the pain that sometimes go with it."

Capacity for Life​

​A retreat to explore questions, struggles and blessings in relation to being single and seeking to find God’s love in one’s situation in life, alone and together.

There will be time for teaching, sharing, silence and celebration, embedded in a rhythm of prayer.

A retreat for single women, whether divorced, unmarried or widowed.​

This retreat will be offered at 

Penhurst Retreat Centre at the beginning of March 2018