Capacity for Life​

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"This is a jewel of a collection of prayer poems, written by someone who has drawn deeply from her life experience of God as love, and who writes with authenticity, intimacy, and passion.  There is a generosity and openness in the writing, which is sensitively enriched by the beautiful drawings of Ute Plank, and helpful background notes on the context out of which each poem was birthed. They are poems to walk with, wrestle with, and be nourished by, which touch the soul in the areas that are beyond words, and are indeed prayers as well as poems."

​Revd. Dr. Sue McWhinney, Curate in West Yorkshire

"My Little Dandelion is a bold compilation. From start to end the prayer poems hold up a mirror to life and the soul, inviting you to take a long gaze. Christine is able to articulate the deepest parts of our shared human experience with powerful metaphors and a rich emotional, colourful vocabulary. She helps the reader to explore and examine their God reality thus enriching our everyday experience of the mystery we call Divine Love." 

Grace Owen 

My Little Dandelion: Prayer Poems of Longing and Hope. An illustrated booklet of 13 meditative poems written and published by Christine Strohmeier. Pictures by Ute Plank.

You can order a copy from the Northumbria Community's resources.