The first day of 2019. The New Year lies before me as a clean, white sheet. Untouched and open to whatever will be written on it. I sense within me a quiet expectancy as to what will evolve on this uncharted page. For some reason it seems easier for me to meet the New Year with such openness.

I wonder whether I could open myself up to whatever life will bring, not only on New Year's Day, but each and every day of my life. Can I trust the goodness of God? Will I stay open to look for Him/Her in "all things"? Even in those places within and without where I would not look naturally? 

The cross always hangs over the crib. Christ's journey on earth as God-with-us ends there, but out of the cross flows new, resurrected, eternal and indestructible life. That's why I want to trust, taking into my heart that

All things must work for the good of those who love God (Romans 8.28). 

Happy New Year!

Capacity for Life‚Äč