"I wish I had heard and understood what I learnt on this retreat years ago. I found the weekend challenging and yet incredibly encouraging and liberating, a time to reflect on my journey through life and the way I have viewed it. God has used the weekend at this particular point in my life to make sense of many things for me in quite a profound way and I can go into the future knowing that I am not alone. I am quite excited by that. I have a new appreciation of how blessed my life is and has been when I have often thought otherwise.  I would recommend this for anyone who is trying to understand how to live a fulfilled life as a single person."

A woman who participated in the "Embracing and celebrating being single" retreat

Capacity for Life​

"Christine was a steady and insightful leader. She didn't cram us with teaching, but less is more. Her gentle, slow, approach facilitated a richness of God's blessing".

​"Thank you so much for your wise and gentle leading.... it's been gold-dust!"​

Participants at "Hearing the Voice of the Beloved"